Photo of composer Farayi Malek. She wears a purple jacket and lipstick and her hair back in a ponytail. Trees are in the background.

Maya Angelou Set to Music, Phenomenally

I’ve just launched a podcast called Resounding Verse. Each episode explores a poem and a musical setting of it. In this audio post I present Episode 1, which discusses Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” Farayi Malek’s song of the same name. You can find two other episodes, as well as more information about the podcast, at

The post includes a recording of Malek’s song (beginning 11 minutes and 23 seconds in), performed by the following musicians:

Farayi Malek, voice

Jason Yeager, piano

Margaux Vranken, organ

Aaron Holthus, bass

Jas Kayser, drums

Lihi Haruvi, alto sax

Kiera Harman, trombone 

Aiden Lombard, trumpet

As you begin listening, it would be good to have access to the poem.

Photo Credits

The photo of Maya Angelou is by Dwight Carter (2011); it is licensed under Creative Commons.

The photo of Farayi Malek is by Alyssa Wang and is used with Malek’s permission.

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