Jean Sibelius

A Marian Anderson Windfall

Because there have been three posts about Marian Anderson on WSF—Mark Burford’s on Anderson’s performance of a Sibelius song, Carol Oja’s on Anderson, racial injustice, and a Donizetti aria, and another post featuring Stephen Rodgers’s conversation with Mark and Carol about Anderson and Mahalia Jackson—because there have been these three WSF posts and also because, last February, Carol Oja also contributed to this PBS show about Anderson, we think it worth passing on this news about a beautiful new book from SONY with 15 CDs. 

We do so by sharing a link to a recent article by Jason Victor Serinus on San Francisco Classical Voice ( Please have a look at “An Early Holiday Treat for Marian Anderson Fans.” This article will take you to several videos and SONY’s own announcement.

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