There is no historical or geographical limit on what can be covered. There is no restriction on the style or genre of song or singing.

WSF Team

2 side-by-side black-and-white portrait photos of Mahalia Jackson, who is singing, and Marian Anderson, who looks at the camera.

WSF and Beyond

This month Stephen Rodgers is guest host for Thomas Hampson’s weekly program, Song and Beyond. Here are two conversations with members of the WSF team.

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Pencil drawing of Fanny Hensel by Wilhelm Hensel, 1847 (Berlin, Mendelssohn-Archiv, BA 44)

Recording Fanny Hensel at Home

In this post Verica Grmusa, Nicole Panizza, and Stephen Rodgers bring to life an unpublished Hensel song from 1826, and reflect on the meaning of domestic spaces then and now.

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