WSF Celebrates Its First Year

One year ago, on 30 October 2020, WSF went live with a post by Mark Burford on Marian Anderson. In the past challenging year there have been 45 posts, including 8 by guest authors and 6 that were group posts. To celebrate this moment, we have redesigned the website. Now, all photos are taken from posts in the past year. To launch us on Year 2, Mark Burford writes about Mahalia Jackson and the soft power of Gospel Sisterhood.

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A snowy neighborhood street with bare trees and glowing streetlights.

WSF’s Winter Playlist 2021

A year ago we posted a Holiday Playlist (still available!), six months ago, a Summer Solstice Playlist. Here is our WSF Winter Playlist, 18 winter-brightening songs and performances.

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Amy Beach’s “Birth”

Judy Tsou discovered Amy Beach’s unpublished song “Birth.” In this post she discusses its provenance and analyzes the music and text of the song.

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