There is no historical or geographical limit on what can be covered. There is no restriction on the style or genre of song or singing.

American delegates, including Jane Addams (front row, second from the left), on their way to the International Congress of Women, held at The Hague in 1915. From the Library of Congress.

any style

Weavings by Anna Bockrath, L to R: Windows, Twill, Honeycomb

draft/ patch/ weave

Weaving songs without words: the motions of the loom are processed through Max and used to control the synthesizer in conjunction with the weaving pattern.

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Oil painting using muted greens and greys as well as black depicting a women dressed in black walking past a tree on a path with a cat.

Composing Women’s Loves and Lives

When I first encountered Frances-Hoad’s cycle “One Life Stand,” my relationship to Schumann’s “Frauenliebe und Leben” was altered forever. This audioblog explains why.

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